The Colombian Regional Event Kicks Off with a Great Road to Diamond Event

Every Associate who hits Gold Rank for the first time is invited to attend the exclusive Road to Diamond Event for their region.  We’re proud to have held the first Colombian Road to Diamond Event a couple of days before the big Colombian Regional.  The President of Max International, Jim Stevralia, sent in his thoughts about the event.

One of the fabulous Road to Diamond Dinners

“On Wednesday evening we all met for a buffet dinner and opened the Road to Diamond with a welcome by myself and V.P. of Sales Bob Kealin on behalf of Max International.  Diamond Associates Alex Monterrosa presented a discussion on how the Associates could create a ‘dream board,’ which would show their dreams, desires, goals and how to best achieve them all.

Alex addresses the Gold Associates

On Thursday morning I greeted everyone with warm thanks and congratulated each of the Gold Associates for their achievements. We welcomed them to the next phase of their Max career and to the transition it will bring.  We told them that they should always continue the activity and commitment that brought them to the Gold level while continuing to improve and develop those skills.  At the same time, they are now moving into a position where they will need to share and teach these skills with the people they are recruiting.

Julio Rivera presents at Road to Diamond

Bob Kaelin then gave a presentation of the different roads we all have taken to arrive at this important event. He discussed the value of having dreams and goals and then led a discussion about their ‘why’ for being in Max.  Bob’s presentation demonstrated why if we focus only on the day-to-day activities instead of the larger picture, then we can never fit the Diamonds or the most important things in our lives.

Hector Marcano and Steve Scott

All of our Diamond Associate followed with great presentations of their own.

  • Rick Monterrosa gave a great presentation on the importance of partnership and working together.
  • Alex Monterrosa presented the Max Action plan and why it’s possible that we all can do this business.
  • Hector Marcano demonstrated the Max sales tools and showed how each one can introduce the Max story.
  • Julio Rivera used a powerful PowerPoint presentation and video that demonstrated the importance of leading by example.

Team Building can be fun!

After lunch Alex had everyone share their dream boards.  This was a great way for the Associates to get to know one another better and commit to how they wanted to achieve their dreams.  One amazing thing we found was a common desire among all the Associates to help other people.  What an inspiring group!  Hector then stressed the importance Max and Rick emphasized how to best develop new Bronze leaders and then assisting them in achieving Gold.

Gold Associate Charles Stablina shows his Dream Board

We concluded the day by presenting present and gold pins to all of the Associates and urged them to use the tools they just learned as they share the Max mission with everyone they meet.  We ended the Road to Diamond with a great dinner and a great time together.

The Associates practice with the Max Flip Chart

Now, everyone is excited about the start of the Colombia Regional event and are looking forward to all the coming events, including hearing more from Steve Scott himself!”

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