The Final Numbers for the Last 90 Day Challenge Are In, and They’re Amazing!

Now that the current 90 Day Recruiting and Team Building Challenge is underway, we want to take one last look back at the overwhelming success of the previous 90 Day Challenge.

The numbers we originally reported to you in this previous post were impressive enough, but as the final tallies came in from across the globe, even we were taken aback by the level of success.

We now stand at 73 qualifying Associates, which is nearly double our original projections.  We want to give a big round of applause for all our qualifying Associates; you’ve shown just how passionate you are in achieving your goals.

All the qualifying Associates brought in an average of nine new Associates.  That means over the previous 90 Days we’ve welcomed in 639 new enrollments total.   That’s an exciting amount of new Associates in the Max family.

What’s even better is that these 639 new Associates placed an average of about two and a half separate orders over the course of the 90 Day Recruitment Challenge.  That means these newly enrolled Associates are fully involved in the Max business and are likely to build and grow their own businesses!  Altogether there were 1,579 total purchases by all the new Associates. That’s an inspiring commitment to the Max products and business.

Of course, the main point of the promotion was to encourage effective business building.  How well an Associate is building their business is reflected in how they climb the ranks at Max International.  Here’s an overview of the various rank advancements that have come out of the 90 Day Challenge:

Number of new rank advancements by the qualified winners.
Senior Associate 13
Bronze 24
Silver 6
Gold 3
Total 46

Number of new rank advancements in the winners’ downlines.

Senior Associate 27
Bronze 22
Silver 9
Total 58

Everyone benefits from a productive Max business.  There were 19 Associates in different uplines who also advanced in rank because of the additional volume created by qualifying Associates.  This should be great incentive for all our leading Associates to assist and mentor their downlines during the current 90 Day Recruitment and Teambuilding challenge – their success is your success!

Finally, just what is the financial impact of all of this?  Well, the commission checks for the winners of the 90 Day Challenge increased by an average of 71%!  That’s just shy of a full three-quarters increase in commission pay.  You literally cannot afford to miss that kind of raise in your standard of living for the current 90 Day Challenge.

We’re overwhelmed by how successful the 90 Day Recruitment Challenge turned out.  This just proves how motivated our partners are in achieving their goals.  If you’d like to see a full review of the previous 90 Day Challenge, follow this link to the Max Corporate website.

Now that our Associates have proven that they have the passion, now we’re looking to see if they have the dedication to keep up this level of effort.  We’ve already started to post results of the current 90 Day Challenge, the race is on to see how much we’ll continue to grow our business.

Take heart and know that when we focus on achieving success to reach our dreams, great things will happen.

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