The Max 90 Day Recruitment Challenge Concludes Tonight at Midnight, Our Associate’s Achievements Are a Cause for Celebration and Recognition.

The Max 90 Day Recruitment Challenge ends tonight, and we want to mark this occasion with a review of how outstanding this entire promotion has been.

First, we want to congratulate all of our current 45 qualifiers for achieving success and earning the reward of a men’s or women’s Movado Bold Watch.  There’s still a few hours left in the Challenge, so if you’re on the cusp of qualifying – you can still make it!

These stylish timepieces will serve as a constant reminder of your success with Max International.  Wear them with pride as a statement about your dedication in achieving a higher quality of life.

Ultimately, the watch itself is a symbol of how you attained success with significance.  Why is managing to bring in 4,000 CV so significant?  With that amount of CV and one active Associate in each leg of your sales tree, you can easily achieve Bronze Rank.  If all of our qualified Associates continue with their level of recruiting, then Silver Rank is well within reach.  Climbing the ranks gives you greater commissions and more rewards!

Bringing in new Associates counts for much more than rank advancement, it’s the very lifeblood of our business.  Did you realize that the average qualifier brought in nine new Associates?   That’s a very significant amount of sponsorships for any Associate who’s looking to build their business.  Thanks to the work done over the past 90 Days we’re welcoming in 404 new Associates based just on the efforts of the 45 qualifiers.

What’s even better is that these 404 new Associates placed an average of about two separate orders over the course of the 90 Day Recruitment Challenge.  That means these newly enrolled Associates are fully involved in the Max business and are likely to build and grow their own businesses!  The qualifying Associates themselves placed on average four separate orders over the promotional period which further speaks to their commitment and determination to building a successful Max business.

Let’s celebrate the 45 Associates who all generated 4,000 CV or more.  They’ve all earned much more than a mark of excellence, they’ve made significant strides towards building a successful Max business.  We also want to recognize all the Associates who brought in 1,000 or more CV for this challenge.  All of their hard work and dedication shows that ours is a thriving industry with so much great potential.

We’re overwhelmed by how successful the 90 Day Recruitment Challenge turned out.  This just proves how motivated our partners are in achieving their goals.  We can see that you’re all ready to push things to the next level, so stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of our next 90 Day Challenge.  We guarantee it’ll be MORE than you might expect!

90 Day Recruitment Challenge Standings    
Name/Nombre/Nom Country/País/Pays Points/Puntos/Points
Legault, Sylvain CAN 17850
Thomas, Rachel USA 12040
Gaspili, Elma PHL 8200
Lan, Mun Yoke USA 7390
Nueva España, Venus M. PHL 6550
Katigbak, Teresita S. PHL 6500
Lebrun, Mike & Lynne CAN 6093
Gabriele, Anna CAN 5914
Li, Shao Wei NZL 5880
Perez Feliciano, Dr. Hector PR 5137
Kercado, Jose USA 5066
Chua, Thomas SGP 5035
Garcia, Lourdes L. PHL 4969
Teruel, Francis Adrian V. PHL 4957
Susan Lee Pek Sim SGP 4940
Brannen, Linda D. USA 4765
Yeoh, Yong Chong SGP 4695
Ong, Chui Li SGP 4640
T & A Century Supply Inc. USA 4625
Sun, Jianmei NZL 4620
Alfonso, Marcela F USA 4500
Michael, Barry AUS 4500
Mendez, Moises PR 4478
Perez, Manuel USA 4400
Mahn, Lanny CAN 4384
Ibañez, Javier Martin USA 4316
Thomas, Sylvia Kurian USA 4280
Tien, Chu-Chung NZL 4265
Fernandez, Andrea Silvana USA 4216
Lopez Rivera, Andres PR 4206
Lee, Trina SGP 4200
Santiago, Felipa CAN 4190
Cotto, Sandra I PR 4170
Cang, Dante PHL 4169
Suo, Yueying NZL 4169
Din, Fadzilah USA 4150
Robles, Frankie PR 4135
Saligue-Pananganan, Christie CAN 4111
De Castro, Alvin M. PHL 4100
Samisoni, John NZL 4060
Grant, Laureen CAN 4034
Aquino, Mary Christine PHL 4029
Lee, Annie Tiong Mann USA 4020
Lactao, Joyce PHL 4020
Camacho Denis, Jose A USA 4014

Carrasquillo, Andres PR 3985
Tuan, Teh Siew USA 3955
Diaz, David PR 3934
Rodriguez Garcia, Maria Del Rosario PR 3850
Werner, Sherry USA 3844
Bernard Medina, Alfredo PR 3730
Downs, Nicole USA 3673
Hsu, Rebecca Min Chu USA 3540
Werner, Diane USA 3503
Chua, Nollie S. PHL 3500
Acosta, Celia Ynes USA 3500
Arce, Raquel N. PHL 3400
Powell, Alfred NZL 3390
Gomez, Luis A PR 3289
Rendon, Catalina COL 3251
Morales, Rickyboyd PHL 3238
Cook, Roberta S USA 3205
Coronel, Ana Liza C. PHL 3200
Soto Velez, Jose A USA 3189
Taday, Victor T. PHL 3138
Arreola, Normarie PHL 3075
Cossette, Sylvie CAN 2967
Max Allstars AUS 2964
Restrepo, Diego Fernado COL 2960
Lao, Josephine V. PHL 2900
Sagaoinit, Leni PHL 2900
Navarro, Rodrigo USA 2877
Teresa, Maria USA 2800
Morales, Elsa USA 2800
Arenas, Esther PR 2800
Song, Hong Hai NZL 2800
Bennett, Troy AUS 2780
Mohd Tahir, Hirliana SGP 2750
Panlican, Raul V. PHL 2750
Chin, Woon Yew USA 2750
Ross, Beth USA 2738
Ortiz, Luz PR 2734
Laylo, Efren PHL 2719
Dasher, Bejay USA 2718
Prados, Carlos Juan PR 2700
Commit To Life Pty Ltd AUS 2620
Williams, Gilda PHL 2600
Quintana, Isabel PR 2560
Zipagan, Rosalie PHL 2519
Chen, Xing He NZL 2510
Castillo, Macario USA 2500
Renovations, Neighbourhood USA 2490
Arias Velez, Delma Azucena COL 2479
Serrano, Zobeida USA 2479
McPhee, Adam AUS 2453
Koch, Rhonda USA 2449
Sun, Cindy NZL 2430
Perez, Ignacio USA 2430
Pollett, Brian AUS 2404
Palpallatoc, Loreto R. PHL 2400
White, Marcus AUS 2385
Weng, Chia Hung NZL 2360
Campbell, Bob AUS 2330
Pahoyo, Iogina I. PHL 2319
Yang, Jian Chun NZL 2315
Greiner, Alison L CAN 2314
Remulla, Carlos B PHL 2300
Tan, Jayson U. PHL 2300
Angel Roldan, Ana Cristina COL 2295
Alejandrino, Ma. Joceta Alcala PHL 2290
Gin, Boey Ghod USA 2280
Susstrunk, Hans USA 2253
Reyes Mojica, Miguel A PR 2208
Teran, Prospero USA 2200
Sanchez, Alecs USA 2200
Liu, Yang NZL 2200
Hsieh, Shih-Chin NZL 2200
Sorrida, Nilda E. PHL 2200
Lopez, Silma PR 2179
De La Pena, Alice PHL 2160
Gibellini, Robert AUS 2158
Goyco, Angel L PR 2114
Sanchez, Denisse PR 2104
Xiao, Dan NZL 2100
Ong, Jessielyn T. PHL 2100
Balane, Rosario B. PHL 2100
Au, Xiao Ying AUS 2100
Wong, Chuan Leng NZL 2100
Domingo, Myrmana N. PHL 2100
Sanchez Forero, Gabriel Ignacio USA 2100
Roberton, Mary Ann CAN 2100
Graziani, Joseph USA 2100
Tung, Yu Lin AUS 2100
boyd, stanley AUS 2100
Balderia, Marilyn B. PHL 2100
Colls, Aldo USA 2100
Yambao, Efren N. PHL 2100
Liu, Xi Rong NZL 2100
Zhang, Lian AUS 2100
Qiu, Cuiling CAN 2100
Licup, Shirley PHL 2100
Paulk, Susan USA 2100
De Leon, Christopher Boy PHL 2069
Juico, Elisa P. PHL 2050
Concepcion, Zenaida J. PHL 2050
Faltriguera, Adela PHL 2048
Arzabal, Jennilyn L. PHL 2038
Orellana, Olimpia USA 2000
Martin, Janette AUS 1994
Mangakahia, Tyron AUS 1989
Barias, Virgie S. PHL 1969
Taylor Yokel, Kathy B USA 1959
Becker, Dianne & Stephen NZL 1940
Bonilla Jimenez, Jose A PR 1931
Tan, Hong Teck SGP 1920
Wang, Li-Ling USA 1900
Sanchez, Yeiza USA 1900
Teruel, Andrew Nino PHL 1869
Gold, Adrian AUS 1855
George, Temu Ngarima AUS 1852
Ruiz Muñoz, Esteban COL 1850
Jaque, Jon L CAN 1828
Ahya’, Marzouq SGP 1820
Ong, Hock Siew SGP 1813
Bautista, Greg C. PHL 1800
Calalang, Arvin PHL 1800
Muñoz, Mauricio USA 1800
Sanchez Rodriguez, Oscar Dario COL 1800
Nero, Elaine L. CAN 1797
Gillis, Lynn USA 1790
Eddie TienHui, Huang SGP 1790
Dill, Angie USA 1790
Khaw, Elisa Li Sen SGP 1770
Active Team CAN 1755
Zheng, Xing Tian NZL 1730
Iro, Teava NZL 1730
Ajuria, Edgar E PR 1706
Munoz, Jayson B. PHL 1700
Sims, Lynette AUS 1680
Rivera, Ivette PR 1667
Bracefield, Elaine M NZL 1665
Tapia Turizo Katherine COL 1660
Bishop, Tere NZL 1610
Bara, Josette CAN 1610
Wagoner, Clarence F. PHL 1600
Dalmacio, Emily SGP 1600
Villavicencio, Jezamin PHL 1600
Pasco, Roderick PHL 1600
Compas, Bernie PHL 1600
Soriano, Dennis PHL 1600
Diaz, Xiomarie Torres PR 1595
Barton, Yvette USA 1594
Amit, Florida CAN 1572
Morais, Violet CAN 1565
Arauz, Odalys USA 1550
Wong Seong Yi USA 1530
Ajala, Mohd Noor USA 1530
Alayon, Luis A PR 1520
Ng, Cheng Soon SGP 1520
Matos, Jose A PR 1509
Yap, Cheryl CAN 1504
Pou, Elsie PR 1504
Teoh, Say Hock SGP 1500
Villanueva Sr., Albert P. PHL 1500
Cruickshank, Marina Salazar PHL 1500
Lopez, Teresa Maria USA 1500
Respicio, Zeny PHL 1500
Chapman, Paul AUS 1500
Soneja Sr., Wellington R. PHL 1500
Rivera, Mercedes PHL 1500
Henry, James AUS 1485
Jensen, Dion A AUS 1480
Colon, Angel Luis PR 1472
Mercado, Renato PHL 1469
Salibad, Annalyn PHL 1450
Spadaccini, Simon AUS 1450
Ancheta, Rosalie E. PHL 1417
Phay, Amy SGP 1400
Cure Pereira, Juan David COL 1400
Judal, Jennifer PHL 1400
Tsai, Wen Bin NZL 1400
Lagua, Jesus B. PHL 1400
Kho, Irene PHL 1400
Deng, Li NZL 1400
Landero, Camille PHL 1400
Griffin, Noah USA 1400
Pineda, Rogelio B PHL 1400
Y.B.E Corporation PHL 1388
Fuchs, Tzandra USA 1382
Rosario, Antonio R PR 1374
Montana, Natalie USA 1372
Tai, Loo Tai USA 1350
Cuesta Blanca Adilia COL 1350
Tay, Erika S SGP 1340
Salas, Belkys G USA 1333
Fuentes, Jonathan USA 1325
Burgos Vivas, Samuel PR 1312
Choon, Siew Mei SGP 1300
Paras, Edmund Eric PHL 1300
Mallari, Ronald Q. PHL 1300
Eberle, Marla L. USA 1279
Cruz, Cecilia USA 1274
Lui Wen Chern, Albert SGP 1260
Olipas, Aladin T. PHL 1259
Claveria, Joanna Marie N. PHL 1257
Vidot Vidot, Jacqueline USA 1253
Sosa Mejia Tatiana COL 1250
Dimock, Roger J NZL 1250
Sloan, Kellee AUS 1248
White, Patrick AUS 1230
Prada Olave, Raul COL 1225
House, Bethesda AUS 1220
Caliso, Alicia PHL 1220
Ortiz, Nilda I. PR 1210
Dejesus, Lillian PR 1205
Jurado, Omar PR 1205
Earth Star Publishing AUS 1204
Walsh, Glen AUS 1204
Foo, Zen SGP 1200
Sia, Sharon Rose PHL 1200
Menjivar, Rosa USA 1200
Chin, Siew Ming SGP 1200
Lim, Soo Aun SGP 1200
Lozada, Tahis USA 1200
Ayson, Verma PHL 1200
Diaz, Maria Galla G PHL 1200
Sanchez, Vionette PR 1181
Benavides Araya, Marilu PR 1158
Colon, Luis A. PR 1151
Jativa Coral, Dolores Maria COL 1150
Artates, Mary Anne Melody PHL 1150
Bajado, Merlita M. PHL 1148
Lopez Rivera, Angel Rafael PR 1145
YMCO Distributors Inc. PHL 1140
Thompson, Sally AUS 1140
Ferrer Marrero, Claudio PR 1138
Badiola, Genevieve PHL 1138
Mateos Gonzalez, Carmen USA 1132
Ponseca, Mary Grace PHL 1129
Pena, Jorge Alexander CAN 1120
Melo, Maria Elena (V) PR 1100
Erezo, Rommel C. PHL 1100
Le Kim, Veronique CAN 1100
Peña Salgado, Claudia Patricia COL 1100
Stothers, Vinnie NZL 1100
Calanoc, Jericho Carlo C. PHL 1100
Navarro Garavito, Matilde COL 1100
Magno, Fidel Jr PHL 1100
Corcino Torres, Miguel A PR 1100
Kiria, Tereapii AUS 1093
Folkard, Sarah AUS 1090
Shanahan, Lynley AUS 1090
Zillwood, Graham CAN 1084
Geileskey, D. AUS 1083
Fleury, Diane CAN 1070
Prohoroff, Susanna AUS 1060
Eclarinal, Bernard F. PHL 1050
Leathem, Sandy J. AUS 1050
Leighton, Stephanie AUS 1050
TA Paul Hannan Group USA 1045
Diaz, Edgardo PR 1044
Chaumont, Jennifer AUS 1025
Adaoag, Leonila J. PHL 1015
Sibal, Emiliana O. PHL 1000
Colmenares, Xiomara USA 1000
Ecdao, Kaila PHL 1000
Labrador, Irma PHL 1000

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