Tip for Associates: Stay Connected With Corporate Emails

We’ve heard from several Associates that they haven’t been receiving recent corporate emails.  This is unfortunate since these emails bring important updates, breaking news, and exclusive invitations.  There are two simple things you can do to insure that you’re receiving all of this vital communication.

1)      Re-submit your email address through the Back Office.  It’s possible that typos or other errors are sending your emails to the wrong address.  Or, your originally submitted address could be outdated.  Make sure that all your contact information is correct and up-to-date.

2)      Check your spam filter and spam folder for our emails.  Most current spam filters aggressively sort for emails that might be spam.  Since we use a mass email system to send out hundreds of emails at a time, it’s likely that your email service provider assumes some of our communications are spam.  If you find one of our [email protected] emails in your unwanted folder, be sure to select it and mark it as safe.

We want all of our Associates to stay on top of their game with the latest news and updates.  Take care to verify all of your contact information and email settings so you aren’t missing out on the latest important communications.

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