Top Associates Lead Educational, Engaging New Breakout Sessions

Having just recovered from all amazing presentations and exciting reveals on Friday, Saturday was the opportunity for the convention attendees to get down to business.  This year, the breakout sessions were re-envisioned to really emphasize the heart of our business: duplication.

Associates listen intently during one of the Breakout Sessions

Cut down from the larger seven step process that was used in the past, this year’s breakout sessions focused on presenting all the same great information through four new, streamlined Power Basics: Organization, Presentation, Invitation, and Registration.

Power Basic #1, Organization
Bill Greenman and Alex Monterrosa broke down the seemingly intimidating step of getting the duplication model started.  All of the support and materials that you need to start of process of growing your business is ready and waiting for you.  All that you have to do is to organize the materials you have, communicate and listen to your business partners, and then sit down and come to understand your own, personal testimony.  Once those steps are complete, you’re ready to review your prospects and start the process of invitation.

Bill Greenman

Alex Monterrosa

Power Basic #2, Invitation
Saul Jacobson, introduce Mike Lebrun and Rhonda Dasher.   Mike, currently the #1 recruiter worldwide got the crowed pumped up for what many feel might be the most difficult step – inviting people to share in the Max opportunity.  There are so many variables here and so many possibilities that most new Associates are intimidated just by thinking about getting started.   The key is to familiarize yourself with the many available corporate tools and decide for yourself which tool works for you.  Know your tools, know your prospects, and know scripts and you can have the confidence to treat Max like the billion dollar business that it is.

Mike Lebrun

Rhonda Dasher

Power Basic #3, Presentation
George Reninger and Marcus Shubert explained how, like everything else, becoming familiar with all the powerful tools at your disposal makes presentation possible.  There’s great importance in “seeding” the next step in the presentation, know what’s coming up and keep your prospects interested in what you have to share.  Ultimately, the most important thing is to keep it simple – separate invitation from presentation.  Don’t come on too strong or be too pushy, you’re sharing the story of Dr. Nagasawa and Max’s breakthrough products.  Let these tools guide you through the presentations.

Marcus Shubert

George Reninger

Power Basic #4, Registration
Chris and Tammy Gingras led the final session, and they shared their personal testimonials about how and why they got involved with Max.  It largely revolved around how they met and their passion for the people in this industry.  It largely boils down to respect – respect your partners, your prospects, your Upline, Downline, and even those on the sidelines and you’ll  find the strength and support to help your business grow.

Chris and Tammy Gingras

The major thread that ran through all the session was the F2 Factor – Follow up and Follow Through.  To find any success at all in this business takes hard work and determination.  Constantly check in with your prospects, keep them informed about the developments of Max and the latest news of our products, and share your continued success with others.

Those who attended the sessions knew they were getting something special; they were deeply invested in the presentations as they hurriedly took notes.  If you weren’t able to attend convention and want to get this same kind of insight, be sure to contact your Upline to coordinate your next local meeting.  Remember, also, to call into the Saturday Conference Calls hosted by VP of Sales Bob Kaelin for the latest and greatest information from top Max Associates.

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