USA Road to Diamond Qualification Period Ends July 31st

If you’re an Associate in the United States who is close to Gold Rank, then your opportunity to qualify for the Road to Diamond Event ends in just a few, short weeks!  This is your wake-up call to push forward and keep building your business to get to this event!

When an Associate first reaches Gold rank, he or she is extended an invitation to an all-expenses paid Road to Diamond weekend event packed with leadership training, community building, and other great activities.  Every Road to Diamond Event is an exclusive gathering of our rising star Associates, a veritable “who’s who” of upcoming, leading business builders.  This year, those who qualify can look forward to networking with other promising Associates and meeting with corporate executives in one of Utah’s most beautiful resort towns: Park City.

This qualification period ends on July 31st, so any U.S. Associates who haven’t qualified by then will have to wait to qualify for the next event, which is over six months away.  For those that do qualify, our events staff will be in contact with you about setting up travel arrangements.   Be advised that you can only qualify for the all-expenses paid Road to Diamond invitation once and that you need to claim your award during the initial qualification period -or- during the next Road to Diamond event.

Don’t hesitate on building or you’ll miss out on one of the most exclusive Max events of the year and some of the most important training you’ll ever receive.  Get in on this year’s Road to Diamond event and show everyone that you’ve got what it takes to be Max’s next leading Diamond Associate!

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