Weekly Conference Call for Saturday, July 7

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, July 7 as we welcome Dr. Rex Anderson and Bruce Mathison

Dr. Rex Anderson graduated from the University of Texas in Galveston and did his internship in Neurology at the University of Utah. For over 30 years he has had a neurology and age-management practice.  Dr. Anderson will discuss how our bodies are storing so many toxins and why we need to increase glutathione to help our bodies detoxify.  If you’re unsure why we need to support our immune system with the Max products, then you can’t miss this call.

Former NFL quarterback Bruce Mathison spent 5 years in the NFL playing for the San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills, and Seattle Seahawks.  Bruce is also currently the host for the Max Athletes Sports Call on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm MST.  Bruce will talk about why the Max products are so important to all ranges of athletes, from weekend warriors to paid professionals.

Join V.P. of Sales Eric Anderson and these great guests at 10:00 am Mountain Time, 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

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