Weekly Conference Calls for Saturday, June 30

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, June 16 as we welcome Dr. John Kindle and DJ Daly.

Dr. John Kindle is a family practice doctor with over 35 years of experience, who spent 5 years as the Chief of Palliative Care at the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Kindle focuses on preventative medicine and understands the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.  He will discuss the effect of vitamin deficiency on health and how it can be countered by the benefits of Max N-Fuze . He will also discuss the vital role of glutathione in our health and slowing our aging processes.

DJ Daly, a Platinum Max Associate who has the fastest growing Max team in the U.S. will talk about his tour of Georgia and Florida with Bruce Mathison. He will explain the importance of the Max products for athletes and how we can build our own Max teams by helping others to reach the rank of Bronze.

Join V.P. of Sales Bob Kaelin and these great guests at 10:00 am Mountain Time, 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Call 712-432-9606

Listener PIN number 247411#.

Don’t forget to also call in to Tuesday’s Max Athletes Sports call (8:00 pm Mountain time), and remember to invite your prospects to join you as well.

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