Weekly Conference Calls for Saturday, June 9

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, June 9 as we welcome Dr. Luis Fuentes and Founding Associate Alan Sickman

Dr. Luis Fuentes is the owner and Medical Director of HealthMedPlus, a subsidiary of Integrative health Diagnostics. After his initial studies to be a medical doctor, Dr. Fuentes opted to practice functional medicine and is now a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He is also an endurance athlete that still races road bicycles at a Pro-1-2 level. Hear Dr. Fuentes explain the benefits of increasing your glutathione levels and how the Max products make that happen. Learn about the outside factors that accelerate the aging process and how we can slow this process down.

Alan Sickman is a Founding Associate of Max International and is a member of the exclusive Million Dollar Circle.  Alan will be sharing the keys to developing a profitable Max business and will detail the basics of network marketing.

Join Vice President of Sales Bob Kaelin and these great guests at 10:00 am Mountain Time, 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Call 712-432-9606

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Don’t forget to also call in to Tuesday’s Max Athletes Sports call (8:00 pm Mountain time), and remember to invite your prospects to join you as well.

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