What Does “Global Business” Really Mean?

By Jason Russell

The concept of “globalization” has had plenty of traction in the past decade or so, for obvious reasons. Now that we are in the Internet Age, and with the distances between nations shrinking at least metaphorically, there has never been an easier time for companies to peddle their wares around the world. And with authors like Thomas Friedman telling us “the world is flat,” who are we to argue?

Based on these observations, one would naturally assume the majority of companies in the world have a global reach, right? Not so fast! According to an article in the April 23 edition of The Economist magazine, less than 1% of all American companies have any foreign operations. That is a startling statistic.

Here’s the bottom-line: For just US$49 (the price of a Starter Kit), any Associate can open their own global operation. No need to worry about import licenses, in-country regulations, and all the onerous hoops one has to jump through to go global. Max takes care of all that! This is truly one of the great, but often overlooked, benefits of our industry. You can find some excellent tips and perspectives on how leaders do this and what you can do today.

Do you have to go global? Of course not…but in the natural course of events, as you continue to build your business close to home, you’re bound to end up with tentacles of your business crossing borders. That’s what makes this element of network marketing so compelling—more than likely you’ll end up reaping the benefits, even if you don’t go out of your way to build globally.

Too often, people looking at our industry from the outside can only see the stereotypes. Imagine countering someone’s doubts about the industry by quoting that less than 1% stat, and then telling them, “Thanks to network marketing, I have clients and people on my team in six countries. And it only cost me $49 to get started. And there’s no overhead.”

All Max Associates can benefit from the global operations of one American company in the “less than 1%” category. Every new market Max opens is a chance for you to grow your team.


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