Why Max and Why Now – How I Became an Overnight Success 22 Years Later with Max!

By Sylvain Legault

Friends, my name is Sylvain Legault, and though I’ve recently found success as the top Max Associate in the Max 90 Day Challenge, I want to share with you the long journey it took for me to get here.  I may have been involved in Network Marketing since 1990, but in all that time I found no significant success. More than anything else, what you have to understand is that despite all the disappointment and hardships, I never lost the flame!

Success can be described as “Going from failure to failure without losing ANY enthusiasm.” The key is to be always learning in the process.  When I was exposed to the Max opportunity, I immediately recognized the authenticity and the value of what Max was offering to the world.  I recognized that I needed to truly motivated in order to achieve success.  As I was doing the business I was constantly on the lookout for sources of information and inspiration.

By May 25, 2012 I had done my homework, learning from many Network Marketing teachers and from key sources in the field of self-improvement people like Jay Abraham, Big Al Shredder, Bob Procter, Les Brown, Napoleon Hill, and The Science of Success.  I also found motivation in stories like Acres of Diamonds, fables from Oscar Wild like The Happy Prince, movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Band of Brothers and inspiring books including “How to Be Rich” by J. Paul Getty and “Think Big” from Donald Trump.  While all of these works helped to push me in the right direction, what ultimately turned things around was the commitment to spend most of my time focusing on my goal.

Three days away from turning 50, I knew I had to focus, because I was at a point in my life where it was now or never.  I knew that I had everything I already needed – the sources I had reviewed encouraged me with hope to think positively.  I was confident about my abilities because I had lived the product experience and could speak passionately about it.  I was certain that I would succeed because I was a believer in the opportunity and I was ready to live it and share it.

When the 90 Day Challenge was announced I saw it as the perfect opportunity to seize the opportunity in front of me.  I know from experience that the process of starting isn’t easy, so I’d like to share with you some simple strategies that I used to during the 90 Day Challenge to great success:

  1. I made a total commitment to my goals by writing down their descriptions and putting a date to them. They weren’t abstract concepts anymore, they were real, solid demands I was making of myself.  Much thanks to Napoleon Hill for this simple concept. When the contest started I decided I would win it, when the contest ended I had earned 4 watches.

  3. I knew I needed serious help if I was to reach my outrageous goals.  After partnering up with the best Network Marketing company in the world, I understood that I also needed to partner up with a powerful mentor.  See, I knew that I did not know all I needed to know, but just like Henry Ford I decided to consult with those who knew the ropes.   So I decided to use and abuse my most available and committed upline… so many sincere thanks to Mike Lebrun for taking my calls many times per day and sometimes even several times per minute. Incidentally, Mike is a Max Double Diamond, the #1 Max recruiter in the world!  I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and adviser.

  5. Then I devised a two minute invitation concept where I would simply contact a friend and ask them for their email so I could send them a link and an invitation to look at the Max website.  Then I’d tell them that I’d get back to them in the next 24 to 48 hrs.  The key here was to let all the corporate resources do the talking about the background science and the power of the product.  Let them discover on their own how amazing it all is and they’ll be more interested in the whole package.

  7. After this, it’s all about making the offer to get them to try the product on a 30 day, risk free, money back guarantee.  To make this amazing offer even more enticing, I would also include a bottle or two of MaxATP for a friendly bonus.  Remember to go the extra mile and always over-deliver.

  9. Make full use of all your personal relationships and extended contacts.  People will do business with you according to these 3 rules:

Because they Know you.
Because they Like you.
Because they Trust you

Bottom line: People will always join YOU before they actually join Max. People join people first… then Max!

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sylvain receives recognition from V.P. of Sales Bob Kaelin

This quote was the logo for the start of the Max 90 Day Challenge.  I took this advice to heart as I began my own journey towards being the top recruiting Associate.   This is my story, the commitment to be bold enough to stand and declare that my road to success Begins Now!

I know that when people are lucky enough to discover the right business opportunity, Max International, they have the chance to partner up with the great dedicated leaders we have in the field.  Your commitment and your determination, combined with the company’s opportunity, will allow you to accelerate your success.  Do it right and you can overcome all those disappointments and hardships as you achieve your dreams.

Sylvain Legault
Max Silver Associate.

Max Note: Sylvain still working hard and is on the verge of qualifying for the current 90 Day Challenge.  Great job Sylvain!

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