World Class athlete, Max Associate competes at World Transplant Games

To say that professional athlete Howard Dell’s status as a Max Associate is one of many hats is a gross understatement. Howard is an actor who has appeared on numerous television shows such as The Young and the Restless, That ’70s Show, and the Bill Cosby spinoff from the nineties, A Different World.

In addition to being active in various charities, Howard is an author at work on a book on health, nutrition, and vitality called Eating Left Because Right Didn’t Work, as well as an autobiography.

Howard’s career as a professional athlete is as impressive as his other endeavors. Among his other accomplishments Howard played professional football in both Canada and the U.S. and he represented the Canadian bobsled team during the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. This week, Howard is in Göteborg, Sweden participating in the World Transplant Games. Howard was the recipient of a liver transplant last year and has worked hard since then to get himself ready for this latest challenge.

It is an event he has been preparing for, both mentally and physically, for some time. Starting today at the games, Howard will participate in the 100 meter and the Ball Throw. Tomorrow’s events will include the Discus, the Javelin, and the 200 meter.

“My mental preparation for Wednesday’s events is starting to narrow,” Howard said as he arrived in Sweden. “I take my MaxOne™ as a baseline for my general health twice a day. I have felt an extraordinary difference in my physical well-being from the first week I started taking it eight months ago. Following my MaxOne, I take my MaxATP™ always 30 minutes prior to my workout.”

Howard said that each workout at this level is difficult, but MaxOne and MaxATP have made them noticeably better and his performance and health are the markers of their effectiveness. The products, he says, take him to an elevated level of performance and recovery after events and workouts.

Howard is excited to be competing at the international level at the World Transplant Games. He has his Max products on hand and will be competing at the highest level in the next two days, June 22-23. Watch for another post after the games to hear about his results in his various competitions and more about his experience in Sweden. We at Max are pulling for him and wish him all the best during this important event!

Howard with Magnus Rosén, former member of the band Hammerfall. He wrote the official song for the games. On the right is Martha Ehlin, who underwent five organ transplants.


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