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Celebrating The Life Of Maria Marta Monterrosa

It is with heavy hearts that we at Max share the sad news that beloved Diamond Maria Marta Monterrosa has passed away. On behalf of the entire Max Family, Max International would like to express our deepest sympathy to her husband, Diamond Ricardo Monterrosa Sr., her sons Crown Diamond Alex Monterrosa, and Double Diamond Rick Monterrosa Jr., and the entire Monterrosa Family.


The Dominican Republic Destination: Paradise.

Max International 2019 Regional Convention: Our most luxurious Convention location ever! The Paradisus Palma Real Resort Punta Cana, Dominican Republic  September 12-19, 2019    Once A Diamond Retreat Getaway NOW the Hot Spot for Max’s Next Big Convention.        Experience the Max Diamond Lifestyle at a previous Diamond Retreat Location! In 2014, Max...


Who is our #WCW?

Who is our #WCW? All of our #StrongMaxWomen all around the globe! Today is #WCW, “Woman Crush Wednesday” and we want to make sure every Max woman knows how much they are loved, admired, worthy of respect, success, and the utmost happiness! Max is on the rise and women are...


Max Momentum Brings New Growth in Latin America

The Max Momentum continues as the incredible opportunity offered by Max International exploded throughout Latin America in 2018. Overall we experienced a 50% growth in our LatAm markets – all thanks to the hard work of our Associates and the incredible promise of the Max products.


Ladies, Let’s Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ladies, Let's Step Out Your Comfort Zone ✨ What does it take to live an extraordinary life? ✨ How do you MAXimize your strengths? ✨Let's hear YOUR Diamond Vision as a #StrongMaxWoman! Ring Ring… A #StrongMaxWoman is calling! Hear from our Host Janet Moriyama as well as Guests Jasmine Theberge & Bernadette Simone-Gallo Next Monday, March 11, 2019 at 9:30PM EST


Dreams of Dubai Continue in Cape Coast

Max knows Ghana’s got it going on! So when we broadcast our callout for talent and style submissions and announced this totally unique, totally awesome Max Lifestyle Tour Event last year in October (2018), we knew Max Associates would Deliver the fun and entertainment! We were right.


Max357 – The Best Benefits From Sea To Supplement

Decades of research have proven how Omega Oils, also known as fatty acids, are an essential part of the human diet - as they provide numerous positive benefits on body and brain performance. Unfortunately, just as our diets of natural foods have been replaced by processed ingredients and manufactured meals, these essential Omega oils have been replaced by unhealthy saturated fats, sugars and preservatives.


Max Lifestyle Tour 2019 Press Release

Max International Celebrates The Culture and Style of Entrepreneurs in Africa with The Max Lifestyle Tour 2019. February 20, 2019 We are Max International, the world leader in Glutathione-supporting products, and we celebrate the culture, talent and pride that exudes from our Associates throughout the world.  Talent, celebration of beauty...



The Thrills & The Threads! The Max Lifestyle 2019 Tour: Africa The Tour Takes Off in Accra Last October (2018), at Max International Momentum 2018 Regional Convention: Africa Rising, Max added a unique twist to the Convention agenda — we decided to raise the bar and include Max Talent as...


How Max357 Benefits Both People and the Planet

Max is committed to not only helping people live their best lives, we make sure that our products are created in a way that’s best for our environment. Max357 is this commitment made reality.